"Master Style" Educational Center is a leading language center in the Republic of Armenia. The company has adopted European and western teaching standards and innovative approaches to provide the highest quality foreign language courses to different age groups. MS has created an atmosphere where foreign language becomes your own and helps you to make many positive changes in enhancing your career and personal goals. For a short period of time the company has made many achievements due to its customer orientation approach, professional teaching staff, effectively designed programs, hard and devoted working practice. The following facts can be presented as a result of the company’s activities:



  •       Well-qualified team of professionals,
  •       Devoted students – more than 500,
  •       Recognition in the educational market,
  •       Cooperation with more than 15 largest Armenian companies.


Mission Statement:


        The mission of "Master Style" educational center is to provide excellence in teaching foreign languages in Armenia and beyond by:

  •         Establishing special teaching standards,
  •         Enrolling only professional tutors,
  •         Developing specific programs and methods,
  •         Creating warm, friendly and professional teaching atmosphere.


What makes MS different:


  • Qualified Tutors: our tutors hold international certificates and are properly qualified to make your experience at MS highly educative, informative, communicative, pleasant and enriching journey. All of them have many years of professional experience.
  • Small Groups, Individual Approach: Groups are organized with no more than 8 students. Each student is paid a personal attention. Intensive work on the weakest aspects of each student helps to enhance excellence.
  • Specially designed courses with highly effective textbooks: in MS classes are based on electronic and paper textbooks, didactic materials, CD’s, Video activities and modern language learning techniques that are developed by leading publishers like Cambridge, Oxford, MacMillan, Peterson publishing houses.
  • Learning Materials: MS provides all its students with a package of required textbooks, materials, CD’s and DVD’s needed for classes. All of them are free of charge!
  • Student Support Center:  MS offers support services for students who have special needs in gaining soft skills, finding jobs. 
  • Bonus system: By collecting bonuses students can use them for taking additional services.
  • Certificates: MS awards each student with an appropriate Certificate after successful completion of each course.
  • After Course Care: The doors of MS are always open for its students to discuss and help on every single issue connected with education.



Our students are our core value. The success of our students is our success!