MS staff


Team building and team spirit are the core value of our center that make it creative, dynamic, professional and devoted atmosphere to work in.

All teachers in MS hold master’s degree in linguistics. The center highly encourages each teacher to participate in internationally organized seminars, workshops both in Armenia and abroad to be aware of every single change in the world’s ESL and EFL teaching standards, techniques and methodologies. MS is a member of Cambridge Teachers’ Club & Oxford Teachers’ Club Associations and periodically receives newly adopted and developed materials, teaching methodologies from the world’s leading institutions.

Management team in MS has the overall responsibilities for running the educational center and is also responsible for administrative and marketing activities within the company. The management team members hold MBA or PhD degrees.

The main objective of creating both a professional teaching and management staff is to understand real market needs, meet all our students expectations, provide not only lingual but also professional assistance in their future careers.