General English


General English: 

Whether your aim is to learn a new language or to improve your English skills, this is the right course for you to build your confidence in the day-to-day use of the English language.  

General English (GE) program in our center is aimed to provide a complex program for students who want to improve their English skills from beginning to advanced levels (6 levels). The program offers a balanced syllabus improving four most important language learning skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The main accent in the auditorium is put on applying communicative approach by focusing on practical communication, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. In our center from the first minute to the last both instructors and students have to speak only English in the classroom.



 For GE course our teachers have designed a special program using highly effective modern textbooks and a wide range of our resource materials. In MS GE classes are based on electronic and paper textbooks, didactic materials, CD’s, Video activities (using modern multimedia facilities) and updated language learning techniques that are developed by leading publishers like Cambridge, Oxford, MacMillan, Peterson publishing houses.

MS provides all students with a package of required books, materials, CD’s and DVD’s that are needed for classes. All of them are free of charge!

In addition to the daily observation and homework, there are regular evaluation tests, that will allow your teacher to check on your progress and offer any advice needed.


What we offer:



·         6-level Course:  Beginner-Advanced

·         Small group size (2-5): it will make you feel individually approached

·         Flexible timetable: we offer morning, afternoon and evening classes

·         Period: 3 months for each level ( 72 hours)

·         Timetable: 3 times a week for 2 hours

·         Other activates:  movie club, debate club, mafia club

·         Monthly fee: 27.000 AMD


How to register?

To register for the course, please visit our office to take a placement test which consists of  both written and spoken sections. The placement test will enable us to assess your level and ensure that you are placed in the right study group and will learn English quickly and effectively.


We want you to enjoy learning English as much as we enjoy teaching it!