Course Length: 2 days (6 hours with two coffee-breaks)

Course Description:

This is a 2-day participatory intensive course, during which the students will learn about all aspects of advertising such as brand, client, agency-client relationship, media, consumer behavior all of them covered with examples, experiences and interesting videos. 

Course Objectives:

This course helps students to get familiar with practical concept of advertising and its main components.

Target Delegates:

The course is designed for those who want to develop leadership skills and implement them in his/her career.

Performance-based Objectives:
Upon successful completion of the course, delegates will:
  • Integrate Marketing Communications while advertising 
  • Be provided with core concepts of Brand, Client, Consumer, Advertising Agency and Creative Tools of Advertising
  • Learn about Campaign Components, its Development & Execution
  • Create Advertising Slogans
  • Obtain Creative Communication Formats
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of Advertising

The course will help you make new achievements in your business!