Movie Club:                                                                                                         

Have you been tired of tough work or study load during the week? Hurry up to join MS club to have some relaxing time.

       "Master Style" educational center within MS club organizes movie watching, debating and mafia wars playing entertaining activities. We organize debates, movie watchings or mafia games on Saturdays.

       Whether a debate or a movie watching will take place, depends on the participants’ wish. Both the debates and the movie watchings are carried out by our English specialists.

        Format of the movie watching: Participants are previously informed which movie is going to be watched. During the movie watching our English specialist explains incomprehensive words and expressions, besides organizes various activities during the movie watching. At the end of the movie watching, the participants start discussions.

  Participating in the movie watchings you will:

  • improve your listening skills.
  • develop alive speech and active vocabulary.
  • have an opportunity to be involved in film discussions and improve your speaking skills.
  • and finally have some relaxing time.

  Participation criteria:

  • Intermediate or high level of General English (to determine your English level you can take free online testing)
  • In case you are a current or former student of MS - free of charge!
  • If you are not a current or former student of MS - monthly membership fee: 500 AMD (including debate club and mafia wars)

Enjoy your weekends with MS!