Master Style educational center is pleased to announce the launch of the new project: bonus system.


        From now on, all MS students will have an opportunuity to get bonuses for the courses they attended and paid for. Due to these bonuses, our students will be able to make use of all types of MS services just using their bonuses instead of paying money. Each student will receive an information about how many bonuses he/she has got.


           By the way, one of the most impotant and noteworthy point of the bonus system is that MS bonuses are transferable. If you don’t want to use your bonuses you can trnsfer them to your family, friends or relatives.


            For taking MS courses through bonus system, you should accumulate bonuses to participate in that course. You can receive bonuses in the following way: for each 1000 AMD you receive 1 bonus (1000 AMD = 1 bonus). No matter from which course you get the bonuses, you can use them for making use of all the services. For getting more information about how many bonuses are given by each course, or how many bonuses you need to have for taking for the courses, see the table given below.