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1) Which of the following functions checks whether a condition is true or false and returns a certain result when it is true and another when false


c) IF


2) Which of the following adds together values of cells in a range
a) The function SUM

b) Pressing = and selecting each cell to be added with + between each

c) Selecting the range and pressing AutoSum

d) Selecting at the end of a range and pressing Alt+=

e) All of the above

f) None of the above

3) Which command forces Excel to print a certain row range when printing
a) Page Setup - Print Area - Set Print Area

b) Print - Print Properties

c) Page Setup - Page Title

d) There is no such feature

4) Which of the following features opens a wizard to create all sorts of graphs, scatter diagrams, pies, etc.
a) SmartArt

b) Object

c) Shapes

d) Charts

5) Which of the following draws arrows showing which cells the formula has used
a) Evaluate Formula

b) Trace Precedents

c) Show Formula

d) Trace Dependents

6) Filters allow the user to
a) filter data with specified conditions

b) count data under the filter

c) filter by cell color

d) answers a, c

e) all of the above

7) What is the hotkey for populating a rows in a selected range with the top one selected
a) CTRL+Enter




8) Which of the following allows the user to create drop down lists in a single cell limited to user assigned values only
a) Text-to-Column

b) Data Validation

c) Consolidate

9) What does the VLOOKUP function do
a) Returns a value from a range of values based on a logical criteria

b) Returns a value from a range of values based on the correspondence with the first column of the range

c) Looks up and returns a value from an external source

10) What does the Name Manager feature do
a) Enlists all the people’s names that opened the document for future checking

b) Returns the name of the formula from a specific cell

c) Creates a reference to a cell value with an identification that can be used in functions

11) What does the Freeze Panes feature do
a) Stops functions from working in a certain range

b) Holds the columns left and rows above the specified cells when scrolling

c) Keeps a specific sheet from changing unless you have the correct password

12) Is it possible to have spell checker in exce1
a) Yes

b) No

c) Only when you save the file

13) What sequence copies and pastes only the result of a formula and not the formula itself
a) Copy, Paste

b) Copy, Paste Special, Value

c) Copy, Paste Special, Validation

14) By default Excel settings, where can u see the Average, Quantity and Sum of a given cell range when selecting it
a) Formula Tab in the ribbon

b) Home Tab in the ribbon

c) Bottom right corner

15) If some cells are colored, with a special font and have numbers displayed with 2 decimals how can the user easily apply the same effects to other cells
a) Format painter

b) Copy, Paste Special, Formats

c) Manually apply the effects

d) All of the above

16) Which of the following is a feature to solve for one unknown having one condition
a) Goal Seek

b) Evaluate Formula

c) Calculate Now

17) What does the Scenario Manager feature do
a) Makes a filter scenario that can be changed

b) Creates a full sensitivity analysis sheet that condits a scenario simulation by itself and returns all the possible outcomes

c) Creates a layout of specified conditions that can be recalled and recalculate a model

18) What is the hotkey for selecting rows below the active cells till the range ends




19) What is the hotkey for entering edit mode

b) Alt+Enter

c) F2

d) Shift+Enter

20) What does the Watch Window feature do
a) Starts to watch the Excel window performance, providing charts and graphs on the memory, CPU and power usage of the application

b) Runs an animated version of a chart, with a changing variable range provided by the user

c) Creates an onscreen window with user specified function values inside

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